READERS have had their say after two South Cumbria MPs met with Highways England to address A590 safety issues.

The MP's have been looking at ways to minimise accidents on the A590 after two fatalities and a number of crashes on the road this month.

Richard Graham said: "How about more police funding for traffic officers and cars to patrol, deter and catch those who believe they can drive with impunity. Unfortunately, there are some who have no regard for the law, safety of others or mindfulness of their actions when an unfortunate event occurs. Deterrents don't work and these individuals need to be court and removed from road."

Robert Brooke said: "Slow the traffic down through the busiest times, temporary speed limits reducing the risks for everyone."

Johan Hoving said: "Segregated cycle ways. Segregated by barriers."

Robert Wilson said: "A bridge is also needed for Barrow to Millom for the workers travelling to and from Sellafield it would cut a lot off travelling time and less mileage."

Christian Vanroose-brydon said: "Driver education."

John West said: "The road is no longer fit for purpose. The 'improvements' just add to slowing the journey time to the M6 to a crawl. It will only get worse. Lowering the speed limits will not lower the speed of the people who drive too fast or carelessly now."

Steve Reed said: "Teach people to drive the road never moves, never jumps out and throws cars off the road it’s the incompetent drivers that are the problem."