READERS have had their say after fast food giant McDonald's revealed how they would clamp down on litter in their soon-to-open store.

After multiple objections due to litter concerns from residents McDonald's have issued a statement regarding the rubbish it could potentially create.

Plans to open a McDonald’s at Oubas Hill in Ulverston - next to the Booths supermarket - have been in the works for more than two years after a number of delays, but there were a number of concerns in regard to litter.

Concerns from objectors were raised over the impact on local businesses, consequent environmental and health factors such as litter-dropping and obesity levels, as well as the new site affecting traffic congestion on the nearby A590.

A McDonald’s Spokesperson said: “To help combat litter, the restaurant team carries out at least three litter patrols a day, as do all of our restaurants across the UK. All of our restaurant crew members are trained in how to dispose of litter effectively and provided with a litter patrol route to follow which includes details of any potential litter hot spots.

"During these daily and frequent patrols, all types of litter is collected, not just packaging originating from our restaurants.

"Large bins will also be located outside of our restaurant for customers to use to dispose of any litter.

“We also encourage customers to inform our crew members of any litter spotted in the area surrounding our restaurant and we will act immediately to remove it.”

Readers have had their say on the proposed efforts to minimise letter.

Patricia Andrews said: "Adding number plates on takeaway bags might help!"

Katja Saskia Elizabeth said: "That's one good deterrent, but what do we do about people who walk in and take stuff out and litter? What happens if you put your bag in a bin and a seagull pulls it out or its taken out and thrown away. Would you pay the fine even though you knew you had put it in a bin?"