THOUSANDS of vulnerable residents in Barrow are still being advised not to meet friends and family inside from next week, despite coronavirus lockdown rules coming to an end.

Readers have reacted after clinically extremely vulnerable people – who were told to shield from March last year until just a few months ago – have been issued new Government guidance ahead of ‘Freedom Day’, which includes avoiding the unvaccinated and continuing to meet people outside.

Reader Dave Wild posted: “If you feel at risk then do what you need to feel safe. It’s not rocket science.”

Sean Peace said: “Meet who you want, wherever you want – remember it is guidance not law as most seem to think.”

Sophie Milby said: “Do what you want whenever you want how you want. Stop being controlled.”

Stephen Snell said: “Idiotic ill-thought-out advice from our leaders as always.

“As one of those people classed as vulnerable, I would make mask wearing the law inside shops and on public transport. Social distancing back to two-metre rule. To insist that your family have a Covid test before meeting up is laughable.

"Pubs and restaurants should keep doing as they are but use QR checking every time. No social gathering above 250 people. And that’s just for starters.

“It's my life and these are precautions I’m taking to keep my life and those of my family safe.

“I couldn’t live with myself knowing I caused my family illness or even death. It’s a shame that there’s a minority of the public that don’t think that way.”