A GROUP of children reportedly trespassing onto the railway track has prompted conversation among Mail readers.

British Transport Police were called out to the docks branch at Salthouse Junction in Barrow on Tuesday evening following a report of eight children trespassing on the tracks.

A spokesman revealed the group had used the railway to access the dock to go fishing.

He said: "Trespassing on the railway is extremely dangerous and we see hundreds of people taking risks on and around the tracks every year, resulting in tragic consequences or life-changing injuries."

However, Mail readers questioned the severity of the offence.

Harry Johnson said: "Oh no, children trying to enjoy themselves! Must put a stop to that immediately

Tim Woodburn said: "Good job Facebook wasn’t around when we were kids."

Sharon Bernadette Thompson said: "At least they were out fishing.

"They could have been doing something more serious, yeah they crossed over the rail tracks which could have ended in disaster, but going fishing isn't a crime is it?"

Marc Paul said: "How is it dangerous? Did a lot worse when I was a kid!"

James Coward said: "Was literally all we did back in the day."

Paul Grattan said: "As kids we practically lived down the docks, this is just kids doing what kids do that's how we learn."

Barrow Borough Councillor for Roosecote Jay Zaccarini slammed this behaviour as ‘seriously dangerous’ and is urging others to consider their actions.

He said: “This sort of behaviour is reckless and dangerous never mind illegal.

“I urge the people doing this to stop and think about the risks involved. Children need to remember the railway line is a seriously dangerous place."

If you witness someone trespassing on the railway, please text BTP on 61016 or call 0800 40 50 50. In an emergency, always dial 999.