Readers react after a pub has revealed it is keeping some restrictions in place after July 19 to protect its staff members.

Bosses behind The Farmers Arms in Ulverston have announced they will be keeping a number of restrictions in place until everyone has attained their 'two jab status'.

This means that the pub will place restrictions on the number of people permitted in the site, customers will still need to request seating upon arrival at the front door and table service will remain in place. Mask-wearing is also advised whilst circulating indoors.

Carmen Carbajo Thompson said: "I won't be going simple."

Adam Allsopp said: "Won’t be popular anymore absolute nonsense keeping restrictions in when it simply doesn’t need to carry on."

Shaun Dixon said: "They have staff to protect makes sense as its.a nightmare if they have to isolate."

Stephen Kelland said: "Every business should be able to make its own rules ."

Michael Vandom said: "I personally don't understand the decision, does the virus not get you when your sat at a table? But gets you when you go to the toilet?

"I normally spend £100 to £150 a week here and won't be attending now. But I did buy £400 worth of vouchers to support them through the pandemic that I can't use any more so I'm wondering will I be able get a refund?"

Christopher Wilde said: !I can't see any problem with this, people need realise to that being vaccinated does not stop you getting Covid-19 or from spreading it.

"Most of the people who work in the pub and restaurants are still to young to be vaccinated. So it's only right for the businesses to protect their staff."

Stuart Coward said: "Totally support it. Just because Boris says something, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. I appreciate we have to ease things at some point, but figures still say ‘caution’ to me."

Dave Baker said: "Could lose them lots of trade, all the others are open as normal."