Readers react after a doctor from Barrow says it’s crucial patients contact their GP after it was revealed more than a fifth of Morecambe Bay patients avoided GP over fears for the NHS.

More than a fifth of Morecambe Bay patients avoided making a GP appointment in the past year over fears of being a burden on the NHS, according to a survey.

Steven Forster Driver said: "All the same no available appointments."

Sandra Cooper said: "I'm not sure they're avoiding GPs it's more a question of actually getting an appointment."

GP Rose said: "I've literally had no issues with my GP surgery before or during the pandemic, they've been absolutely great."

Stephen Snell said: "We are not avoiding doctors it is they who are avoiding us. Not being able to get any face to face consultations and telephone consults you can be waiting for up to a month at my medical practice."

Sue Langhorn said: "Sorry but the amount of people that have needed home visits over this pandemic hasn’t changed but GPs haven’t been going out to see them. They ring them never actually see them face to face!"

Dave Wild said: "How can someone get any kind of real diagnosis over the phone? It's not about just talking about symptoms, the doctor has to see how the patient is presenting themselves."

Mel Shaw said: "Is about time they started to get back to normal. Some of us have been working all through this pandemic seeing people face to face they should be to. Nobody should be asked to take a picture of their problem.