BAE Systems is committed to being an inclusive organisation with a diverse workforce that reflects the global communities in which we work, Vicky Bawa,  BAE Systems' – Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Maritime and Land, outlines why this is important to the company's future success and longevity.

We believe that developing an inclusive, diverse workplace in which all employees can be their best selves and contribute their unique experiences, beliefs and insights helps us drive innovation, enhance employee engagement and accelerate our performance.

In the Maritime and Land sector, we recognise inclusion as a strategic driver and that we need to adapt as we emerge into the post-lockdown world.

I believe that opportunities provided to our people and future employees should not be based on the individual’s gender identity, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, where they grew up or the school, college, university they attended and that is why as a sector we want to embrace the different views and thinking that diversity can bring.

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It will come as a no surprise to know that people from diverse backgrounds can help us to innovate, grow and meet our customer delivery expectations not just today but also in the future.

Inclusion really matters in helping us to create the right environment where our people and future employees can be their authentic self and be comfortable to express themselves in the workplace, whether that be asking questions, raising challenges or suggesting ideas.

Our people have immense pride in what they do from the manufacture of submarines and naval ships to state-of-the-art combat systems and equipment and we are taking an inclusive approach to support their whole lives by enabling them to balance work and home life.

As a sector, we have visibly shown our commitment to improving and supporting the progression of women into maritime roles by signing the Women in Maritime Pledge.

Our current priorities include embedding diversity and inclusion considerations into all people processes and policies for example, recruitment, education and training so that anyone can work and thrive here. We use data, benchmarking and employee insights to monitor and track progress.

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The sector business is growing, and we are looking to recruit applicants from diverse backgrounds, who bring with them a different set of perspectives, thoughts, beliefs and ideas and who have the drive, ambition and creativity to succeed in our early years, professional and executive roles.

To be inclusive means we all have a stake in shaping a successful business.

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