There is, once again, worrying talk of local lockdowns being imposed in certain areas of the UK which are struggling to contain the coronavirus.

Leicester is already subject to a local lockdown, while the rest of the UK moves in the opposite direction, and as we report on page five of today's The Mail, plans which could see Cumbria go back into loca coronavirus lockdown have just been published.

A draft version of the Cumbria’s Covid-19 Outbreak Control Plan was released by Colin Cox, the county’s director of public health, yesterday.

It sets out how the county will combat the virus in coordination with the national NHS Test and Trace system, public information, infection prevention and control systems, case finding, testing and contact tracing, outbreak management and, if necessary, the implementation of ‘local lockdowns’.

The plan also explains who will make decisions about local measures.

The people really in charge of ensuring there isn't a local lockdown in Cumbria, however, is the Cumbrian public. Only we have the power the avoid a local lockdown by ensuring we stick to Government health guidelines and remain vigilant to spreading the virus. Cumbrians have so far shown they take the virus seriously, and to avoid another lockdown we need to stay the course.