AS urged by the Government, we travelled to Kendal from Ulverston this morning having been assured by the media and South Lakeland Council that Kendal was open for business.

I specifically checked the SLDC website and it stated:

“Most public toilets will be open from June 15.

"If there is a change to the location of the usual toilet facilities signage will show where the nearest toilets are."

This was not the case.

The toilets in cafes and pubs are of course closed but so were the toilets in Westmorland Shopping Centre and Kendal Town Hall.

None of the closed toilets had signage saying where you could find toilets open.

Having arrived at 9.30am this was not really helpful.

In addition very few shops were open which was very disappointing and yet SLDC were charging for their car parks.

Kendal open for business, I think not

Disappointed of Ulverston

A South Lakeland District Council spokesperson said: “We made it clear that not all businesses would reopen on June 15 and that some businesses may decide to remain closed, while others may open initially with reduced hours.

"Our advice was that people should check before travelling that the business whose services they wanted to use would be open.

“SLDC does not manage any public toilets in South Lakeland.

"In Kendal signage is now in place directing to publicly available toilets under the Courtesy Toilet Scheme.

"Unfortunately this signage wasn’t in place on June 15 but the signs were in place by June 18."