REGULAR readers may have noticed that for the past few days The Mail has been highlighting 'Seven Ways to Improve Barrow'.

The seven ideas form part of a business case going to Government in an effort to earn a £25m grant to boost the town.

They are to create a new marina village, a new learning hub including a university campus, boost greener transport links in the area, forge ahead with a housing renewal programme, build a series of community resilience centres, put on more events and increase culture to boost tourism, and today's which covers a new centre for excellence for manufacturing as part of a wider aim to improve support for local business.

We have been covering each of the #BrilliantBarrow ideas and will be highlighting the final one tomorrow. All of them show that there is huge potential in the Furness area.

The cash bid is a once in a generation opportunity to secure a major investment for the town, to build on its strengths and tackle some of its challenges.

The public has been consulted during the project and had a major say in deciding the seven projects in the first place. Now you are being called upon again to give your views on each of these parts of the blueprint.

See for details on how to make your feelings known.