BORIS Johnson's huge mistake in not sacking Dominic Cummings after he smashed a wrecking ball through government lockdown guidelines by driving to Durham and Barnard Castle, when highly infectious with coronavirus, has already cost the Prime Minister dearly, his political capital squandered recklessly.

Government credibility was already in decline due to its serial incompetence over the pandemic right from the start.

Cummings’ arrogant contempt for the opinion of the British public seriously damaged Boris Johnson, and will continue to do so.

This was when its credibility was most needed to avoid a second wave of infection.

Most recent debacles include testing and tracing, promised by the prime minister for June 1 as a 'world leading system', now delayed until September, and the abandonment of reopening of schools, show just how out of touch and shambolic Johnson and his cabinet are.

Missing every target, making empty promises, desperately seeking distractions to avoid even more damaging headlines, the sheer incompetence has cost thousands of lives.

A minimum of 40,000 already, with the level of deaths above normal at 60,000.

Britain looks set to be the worst effected economy in the world.

Having screwed up the handling of coronavirus so badly, how can Boris Johnson be trusted to manage Brexit?

Andrew Milroy

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