With the COVID-19 crisis dominating many of our thoughts, I wanted to take time to thank everyone who has been involved with Meals on Wheels Cumbria over the past weeks.

Prior to the outbreak, we were settled into a regular routine of providing hot meals at home to those who, through age or infirmity were less able to cook for themselves.

Many of our bank of 50 volunteers were over 70 years old, but nevertheless, enthusiastic helpers.

Within days of the pandemic taking hold, we had to tell the majority of our volunteers not to come in any more.

The challenges ahead looked tremendous.

Not only did we have our regular clients who needed our support, we also had a new group of people who were being urged to stay at home - they needed meals too.

It is at this point, perhaps the most difficult of the Meals on Wheels service in recent years, that we appealed for help.

The response was outstanding, almost miraculous.

Over the next few days we had around 100 people step forward - so many, we could hardly respond.

In only a few days we were able to re-locate the kitchen, organise meals, contact all our customers and put together a new team of delivery volunteers.

We really appreciate their choice to accept a greater level of risk for their families by coming out to help.

There are too many who volunteered to praise here, but we hope that this letter serves as public recognition for all you have done, and continue to do. Thank you!

David Price


Meals on Wheels Cumbria