TAKEAWAYS have boomed during lockdown and fast food will continue to be big business as measures relax - now chains like McDonald's are reopening.

Figures from online delivery platform Foodhub revealed that fish and chip orders have risen by 208 per cent while we have all been stuck at home, quarter pounder orders by 158 per cent and donner kebabs by 156 per cent.

This came as many restaurants, cafes and pubs diversified into the fast food delivery business, and Eats apps thrived as the weekend (or sometimes weekday) takeaway night became a treat like never before, because we the consumers have been cooped up with nothing much else to do.

Meanwhile, as soon as KFC and McDonald's drive-thrus opened again, the queues were down the road - some waiting for hours just to get their hands on a Big Mac meal or Zinger after months of doing without.

Now McDonald's has announced it will reopen some outlets for walk-in customers from next week, with the Barrow restaurant set to follow suit on June 24. No doubt this will lead to another stampede.

There is a serious side to this though - the challenge of social distancing if demand is as high as expected - and concerns that this will compromise safety of both customers and staff.

So our message is to enjoy the return of your favourite Maccies by all means. But please, don't get too carried away!