Another glorious week in Cumbria - surely the best looking county on this island - and another week of people travelling into the county and breaking lockdown guidelines.

It seems like The Mail has reported on breaches of lockdown on a daily basis since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with a minority of people thinking the rules simply don't apply to them.

At first, people travelled to our beautiful county thinking it was a safe place to wait out the pandemic.

Cumbria Police routinely stopped people travelling to second homes and caravans, to act as boltholes.

Little did they know the pressure they could have exerted on the NHS' capacity in Cumbria.

Our hospitals and care units are designed to have capacity for the people who live here, not the people who visit here on day trips.

Then we had people who thought trekking up fells would count as their daily exercise. However, they gave little though to the mountain rescue teams that could be exposed to the virus if an accident were to happen.

Now, we have people who have taken the latest easing of lockdown measures as a complete lifting of all guidelines.

Just this week, police issued 16 groups of campers with fines for trying to stay the night in Cumbria. Please have some respect for the guidelines.