MAIL readers had a lot to say about the news earlier this week that Ulverston town centre could soon see one-way pedestrian systems on its streets in a bid to prevent further spread of coronavirus post-lockdown.

Pam Pearson: No. The car one-way system was enough to make businesses suffer. Now with Aldi and M&S going to open, I wouldn’t be surprised if they suffered even more.

Sharon Floyd Atkinson: How busy does Ulverston get though? And for elderly and disabled people, the added route would be awfully exhausting - the difference of them managing to venture into town alone or not.

Karen Land: I’m not sure how this would work on Market Day as vehicles would need to drive down to park up. Would they be excluded? Today in town, it was nice to see extra stalls and we need to encourage more stalls on both market days when things return to 'normal'.

Helen Grave: No, I don’t think this would work as the streets are up down and round corners. If we forget things - which we all do - then we would have to back-track. It would mean start at the beginning again if it was one way.

Jemma Hindle: Just a really good way to cause massive rows. We have implemented a one-way system in our store and some people can’t get their heads around it.

Harriet Baxter: This could work for some towns, but not Ulverston. It’s awkward trying to walk along the pavement down a busy road and having to cross over to avoid someone coming towards you on the pavement on the same side. But Ulverston isn’t like that.

Sylvia Stoker: Bit of a problem if you have missed going into a shop on your way round that you had meant to visit but all avenues must be explored.

Tracy Garnett: I wouldn’t worry about it. The town centre will be empty when the new shopping park is up and running!

Karin Margaret Crossman: Absolutely NO!