IT was with sadness that I read about local territorial behaviour, which is appearing at this difficult time.

I find it very worrying that local people are behaving as though we are living in Medieval times.

It would appear that there are some ill-informed and unscientific minds out there who wish to restrict the daily exercise taken by others, due to unexplainable fear.

We are all encouraged to exercise daily and it is currently allowable that we can drive a short distance to do so.

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in the countryside, we can enjoy a daily ramble quite easily.

But if you live in the middle of Barrow/Ulverston/Kendal it may be necessary to take a walk as part of your weekly shopping trip, in a local beauty spot.

These times have brought out the best in so many people.

But sadly the worst in a handful.

We are all just custodians of the area we live in.

There are plenty of open spaces to share with each other when we all need a break!

There is no scientific evidence, thus far, that COVID-19 is spread outdoors.

In fact the opposite seems to be true.

Please let us see a return to adult behaviour and tolerance.

And stop making judgements about

others, whom we know nothing about.

Take care everyone and enjoy your walks

Julie Dawes

Address supplied