UNFORTUNATELY this will probably be a complete waste of time but as some of us are at home being responsible and will continue to be responsible I can spare a little time to waste.

Regards and thanks to those thinking of others, unfortunately, given that the Government with extreme short-sightedness and scant or no regard to the consequences gave carte blanche to the still substantially sized minority of the population of ignorant and selfish to risk spreading the COVD-19 virus as wide across the country as they wish (people may also “drive to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance”) the residents living in these now accessible places have a blunt response.

Day trippers, second home owners and those trying to sneak in afew days away in a static caravan or holiday are not welcome. In fact very very unwelcome. Go home!

Perhaps some of you have the ability to spread such a blunt response or will take to task the incompetence of those formulating such irresponsible advice as 'irrespective of distance'’.

No doubt the unfortunate residents in coastal towns, in the Dales, in Cornwall and Devon feel exactly the same.

Just one morning after Sunday’s announcement has already seen a very noticeable and significant increase in road traffic.

I would rather ‘destination region’ residents were not the next care home debacle caused by the handling of the pandemic by this Government.

Lake District resident who does want himself, any family, friends or other innocents infected by selfish idiots pouring into the Lake District from the M6 because they want or think they deserve a day out in the countryside