ARE you as frustrated by the National League football saga as we are?

Then spare a thought for the Barrow staff and players, who still await decisions on their future.

The Bluebirds' promotion fate isn't just in the hands of the National League and a vote of its clubs.

But it is also directly affected by how the English Football League (EFL) - the league they are striving to move into - decides to end its own campaigns.

The permutations of how this may be achieved are many and speculation continue to run rife about exactly what might happen.

Every single club in League One, League Two and the National League has its own individual interest in how the seasons will be brought to a conclusion.

Making a decision that every club - and indeed every fan - agrees with will be nigh-on impossible, especially with football being such an emotive subject for many.

While some clubs will benefit from the eventual resolution, some will be worse off .

We at The Mail are, of course, biased.

As the Barrow newspaper we are firmly behind the Bluebirds who looked well on their way towards promotion to the EFL before coronavirus cut the season short.

So we hope, whatever the decision, the result is Barrow in League Two where they belong.