I AM the founder of the initiative 'Spread the Love'.

This is an initiative with three branches; these are key workers, the elderly and the disabled. My aim is to spread a little love in these dark times.

So, what exactly is this initiative? For starters, this is not a professional organisation or even one with qualified people. It is a one-woman, self-isolating 15 years old with no GCSEs to contend with.

For the key workers, I want to boost morale and the positive nature of workers. This is done through key worker rainbow hearts, which are personalised and individual to the company. I also offer a storybook for kids of key workers, with an easy to follow fiction story of a girl in a similar position to what they may experience. I also offer to send a video message. At current, this video message is only from me. However, in the foreseeable future, I hope to include many people saying thank you, showing just how appreciated they are.

I have already managed to send key worker rainbow hearts and storybooks to all NHS trusts and the leading supermarkets. I also work with small companies for example care homes, individual schools etc.

My vision for the future is for all key workers to feel appreciated, loved and valued.

For the elderly and disabled, instead of trying to spread love through praise and positivity, it is more about trying to keep them talking. There are so many reports of isolation, especially amongst the vulnerable.

I can be found at https://spread-the-love.jimdosite.com/

Alanna Clare

Creator of Spread the Love: Love Key Workers