VE DAY has huge significance this year.

2020's event falls on a milestone anniversary, the 75th since the Allies' Victory in Europe on May 8 1945.

And this year, the symbolism of VE Day will resonate with more people in today's modern society, perhaps than ever before.

As on Remembrance Sunday, today's events will allow us to turn our thoughts to those who sacrificed for us all those years ago.

This is like recent times, when we have been thinking of the key worker heroes who have also risked their own health to treat and help the sick.

When we raise our glasses at 3pm to say "To those who gave so much, we thank you" we will be honouring these heroes both past and present.

VE Day is also a chance for people to come together and celebrate.

For many people, the special Friday bank holiday will a day of dressing up, decorating the house with bunting, having a family tea and in general, having fun.

For those who have been struggling with the monotony of lockdown, today's virtual street parties, online sing-songs and feeling of solidarity with others across the country will be a much-needed boost to the spirits.

We hope you enjoy today's special commemorative pages in The Mail.

And we hope, whatever you are doing to mark the occasion, you have a wonderful VE Day.