I HELP manage a woodland near Cartmel and ever since the lockdown began the amount of people using the bridleway has quadrupled, from mountain bikers, off road motor bikes, ramblers, families with picnics to the worst of all, dog walkers.

Because of the wildlife and forestry work I do, I still have to work and do not understand how all the above can carry on as if nothing has changed.

One of the worst things about the added influx of people who mainly come by car, is those letting their dogs defecate anywhere they like and not bothering to pick up the mess. These people forget that this is my workplace and standing in dog mess as I get out of my vehicle does not get my day off to a good start. I would gladly pick this up and put it on the dog owners' doorsteps if I knew where they lived! Attached is a photo which really says it all...absolutely disgusting! I hope if the person responsible reads this they should feel ashamed as nothing can justify why anyone would need to do this.

Steven Richardson

The Orchard

Harmony Hill