EFFORTS to return life to normal after lockdown are such a delicate balance.

On one hand, we all want to get back to living as we did before the nightmare of coronavirus as soon as possible.

On the other, we don't want to do so too soon, risking a second spike in the pandemic.

The dilemma over reopening our tips is a perfect example of this. Without recycling centres, rubbish mounts up at homes - especially those with large families who make regular visits to the tip - and cases of flytipping grow which in itself, cause a health risk.

So the government is keen to get waste centres open again and indeed, many are doing so all over the country, including in Cumbria as you will see from our page 13 story.

But some councils who run recycling centres are showing reluctance because they don't believe they can operate safely to contain possible spread of the virus.

They say they will only reopen with sufficient staffing, proper protective equipment for workers and assistance from police forces.

It's understandable but something of a Catch 22 situation - and this will be the same for many service providers and firms over the coming weeks.

Everybody wants to reopen and get back to business as usual.

But nobody wants to be the one who makes this step forward, only to set us back again.