TODAY we highlight the plight of care sector workers who have been doing a fantastic job during the pandemic.

Residential care home staff and home carers have been putting themselves at risk while looking after elderly people who are themselves most vulnerable to the effects of the virus.

We are pleased to see that efforts are being stepped up to give them the support they need.

Only limited testing of care home residents was being conducted but we have been told this is now increasing and testing for staff is also improving.

The number of coronavirus cases in care settings is not always accurate as there are many who have displayed symptoms or staff who are self-isolating but haven’t been tested.

In addition, a care home boss we spoke to said she had been asked to take on patients with COVID-19.

But with the welfare of her own residents at heart, had to say no.

This must have been a difficult conversation but keeping nursing homes free of infection has to be a top priority.

Privately-owned care businesses also have to buy their own Personal Protection Equipment and this isn’t easy not only from a cost aspect, but with supplies so much in-demand.

Our committed care teams face these challenges every day right now in a job that’s difficult at the best of times.