WHAT extraordinary times we’re living in.

Our hearts go out to every single family and community that’s been affected by this crisis. It’s really shone a spotlight on the incredible work our NHS and key workers do to look after us – you guys are heroes.

Like you, we’ve been adjusting to life in lockdown. We’ve been keeping our spirits up with family games, keeping to a routine, staying fit and learning new skills – I made a red velvet cake for my son’s 14th birthday (every bit as hard as climbing Everest!)

But the thing I’ve really noticed is how a crisis can bring out the best in people. That’s certainly true for Scouts. On the day schools closed, we launched #TheGreatIndoors – a brilliant collection over 150 activities for parents and carers to try at home with the children. You can find it at www.scouts.org.uk/the-great-indoors

There’s everything on there from den building to making your own hot air balloon.

Now we’re going one step further – a giant step further in fact. We’ve challenged every Scout, volunteer, parent and carer to hike to the moon!

It’s 240,000 miles to the moon. If we all hike at least one mile each (at home or in our garden – I’m doing mine in our garage!) make a donation or get sponsored, then we’re going to make it all the way to the moon. It’s also raising funds for the people and communities most impacted by the corona crisis.

You can play your part too. Please take a look at our Just Giving page. www.justgiving.com/campaign/hike-to-the-moon . If you can make a donation or hike a mile, you’ll be one of those heroes who can say that during lockdown, you went the extra mile and put Scouts back on the moon.

Bear Grylls

Chief Scout