These are unprecedented times, and they call for unprecedented measures.

Our NHS, full of frontline heroes battling the coronavirus in our local hospitals, is asking for members of the public to step forward, be counted, and serve the community.

Formed in the ashes of World War Two by Clement Atlee's Labour Government, the National Health Service sought to right a wrong that many of us now take for granted - that good health should not only be enjoyed by the rich.

Most of us were born in an NHS ward, and yes, most of us will receive end-of-life care in an NHS facility.

Most of us had our first vaccinations 'on the NHS', had our first injuries treated by NHS staff, and have perhaps even had surgery in an NHS operating theatre.

In short, most of us owe our lives to the National Health Service, and now it is asking for a little help in return.

Pre-NHS, the average male lifespan was around 66 years old, and 70 years old for women. Now, it's around 80 and 83, respectively. It revolutionised the life chances of regular people.

After years of austerity, the health service has faced challenges, but nothing like the global coronavirus pandemic that is currently unfolding.

So please, if you are willing and able, head to and sign up today.