I FULLY support the efforts of emergency services worldwide and the efforts of governments to control and reduce the present threat to people, including preparation for our recovery.

However, my past responsibilities taught me never to react emotionally during emergencies and during periods of decision making. So why are we tending to do so now?

We are rightly reminded of the guidelines by so called media experts, police, and journalists etc that we can depart our homes for exercise, to collect food and or medications, and to assist others as


But we are not supposed to, among other things, wash the car, cut the hedge.

(OK, I get this, but isn't it possibly over the top?)

Support our NHS. Great idea!

But is encouraging millions to step outside once a week to applaud the NHS at this time a good idea? Is it based more on emotion, rather than common sense?

Many British streets are terraced, and even the semi-detached can and do bring neighbours into close proximity.

To repeat, I get this, and the emotion that drives it.

But given the above restrictions wouldn't it be more appropriate to show support for our services later in the year?

Anyway, just thoughts etc. Look after yourselves!

Soon we may be allowed to return to normal stress. For me at 73, no longer doing a useful job.

But waiting on that Barrow promotion and Pool getting that 19th title can seriously damage one's health.

Ian Clark

Semi-Retired Oil/Gas Supervisor and Competency Consultant