There’s nothing that qualifies someone for a job more than experience, so when you’re in desperate need of some recruits to temporarily bolster your workforce, it makes sense to look for those who already know the job inside out.

This is why it’s welcome to see Cumbria Police turn to their retired officers, who served the county so bravely in the past, to return to the force once more to help out during the coronavirus pandemic.

As we report on page nine, the wise heads who previously walked Cumbria’s beats could be making a uniformed appearance in their communities once again, as Cumbria Police is formally requesting that recently retired officers apply to rejoin the force.

Cumbria Police Superintendent Lisa Hogan said: “If you are a retired officer sat at home at the moment and wondering how you can help in the very challenging time that we are facing right now, we would really like to hear from you.

“It is of the upmost importance to us that we are able to continue serving the people of Cumbria when they need us the most and your help could be really beneficial to the force and to the public.”

Pay and annual leave will be awarded at the same leave as it was on retirement. We can’t wait to see these officers back on the beat.