WHAT a lovely gesture by the police officer who sang 'Happy Birthday' to a young lad from outside his house during lockdown.

PC Wallbank and his megaphone message to Frankie have not only gone viral but gone a long way towards cheering up a little boy who was stuck indoors on his special day.

The teenager using Facebook to sing his favourite musical number to entertain the masses on social media, earning twitter praise from Jason Manford, has also put some welcome smiles on faces.

As has the woman who used her stint on a national radio quiz show to name-check volunteers who are out and about delivering to vulnerable people in Millom.

Last night many of you will have once again popped out onto your doorsteps to clap in appreciation for frontline workers.

Again, it's such an easy thing to do but it has a far-reaching impact.

Picking up the phone to call someone you know just to let them know you're thinking about them. Checking on an elderly neighbour, even with just a thumbs up from outside their front window to ask 'are you all right?' A cheerful 'good morning' to the person you pass on the other side of the road on your morning walk or run.

Do not underestimate the importance of the little things right now.

Small gestures like this, at such a time of crisis, can make a big difference.