IF you're the kind of person who loves being active, has a lot of friends and family members you see all the time and hates staying indoors for long periods, the next three weeks (minimum) won't be easy.

One walk or run per day and a quick visit to the shop for essential supplies just isn't the same as the daily feeling of freedom to go and do as we please, which let's face it, we all took for granted until recently.

But if coronavirus is to be defeated, then we don't really have a choice. We have to make the best of this situation.

This is where modern technology plays an important part.

Not only can we keep in touch with our loved ones by WhatsApp or Skype but we can still connect with the outside world through social media. Imagine what this lockdown would have been like without it.

You can even take things a stage further by using the world wide web to keep others entertained. Steve Forster, a radio presenter from Askam, did just that when he and his partner live streamed themselves singing for their neighbours (see page 3).

There are countless people all over the world who are sharing similar online videos and photos of themselves and their families being creative or entertaining. This puts smiles on people's faces and at the moment, it's exactly the kind of thing we need more of.