It’s easy to be cynical whenever you see a corporate giant performing a good deed - but in times like these cynicism and negativity can be poisonous.

Out in our communities, there are countless good deeds being performed by good Samaritans, from regular people to large, multinational companies.

In our hospitals, emergency workers are at the front line of the fight against the coronavirus and are indisputably the heroes of the day.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see NHS staff being given free drinks by Barrow McDonald’s, as reported in today’s The Mail on page three.

The fast food giant announced they would be handing out free drinks to NHS staff as a way to thank and reward people who are doing an ‘incredible’ job working around the clock during the pandemic.

It’s important to remember that these huge chains are staffed by human beings who themselves will be just as impacted by the coronavirus as we are, and will be eager to give back, in whatever small way, to those fighting for them in the region’s hospitals.

So don’t cast a cynical eye over these handouts - and don’t dismiss them as marketing stunts. Everyone is pulling together to get through an incredibly challenging time, and seeing human compassion and a friendly face in our corporate world is no bad thing.