STUDENTS and parents across Cumbria and indeed the UK are still coming to terms with the news that schools are closing indefinitely and this year's exams are cancelled.

The Prime Minister has promised clarity on what was initially a confusing situation later today (Friday).

But for now, all schools can say is that they have been reassured that young people who were due to sit GCSEs, A levels, AS levels or SATs in May or June will still receive a fair qualification.

This is most likely to be based on a predicted grade, teacher assessment, coursework throughout the school year or considering other evidence of how the pupil might have performed on exam day.

The issue with this is that a prediction is not an exact science and is bound to lead to complaints from parents and students who might feel hard done to.

Thankfully secondary schools are saying that the cancellation of exams should not affect sixth form selections and universities have a similar message for those hoping to go on to higher education.

In the meantime, children now have an unexpectedly early - and possibly lengthy - school 'holiday' .

This in itself, throws up a major childcare conundrum for mums and dads.