There are few people who would describe vandalism as anything but mindless, but there are some incidents which defy belief.

Take for example, the news that playground equipment at Biggar Bank has been vandalised, as reported in today's The Mail on page seven.

Frank Cassidy, county councillor for South Walney, said: “We were very disappointed that playground equipment at Biggar Bank was vandalised over the weekend.

“It is extremely sad that anyone would cause deliberate damage to a children’s playground in this way.

"It also means we have to find the money to carry out repairs."

The area has been cordoned off and is no-go for children after parts of the wooden play equipment were set alight and a climbing frame was damaged.

Putting graffiti on a wall, or writing something humorous on the side of a public toilet cubicle is one thing, but deliberately damaging community equipment that is used by children, and as a respite for their parents, is something else entirely.

Amazing community projects like the Round House Hub and Cafe are doing all they can to make Walney a wonderful place to live, and it's a shame to see people trying to ruin that.

Someone has to pay for this, and not just in a monetary sense: children and their parents have been robbed of their play for the time being.