The future is now, as the saying goes, but it might not have come soon enough.

The science around global warming and climate change is now so overwhelming as to be completely irrefutable.

The only way the evidence could be part of some conspiracy to raise taxes, as is a common internet theory, is for scientists from all across the globe - from NASA, from Cambridge University, from the Australian Academy of Science, etc. - to all be part of the same shadowy group of fraudulent climate scientists.

We've previously commended the Government for banning the sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2035.

In the same vein, it's encouraging to see Barrow Borough Council looking to the future and trying to access funding to install electric car charging points in council-owned car parks.

As reported in today's The Mail on page five, Department for Transport figures for 2019 revealed that Barrow had the lowest number of public on-street electric vehicle charging points out of any locality in the UK, along with the Isles of Scilly - both having none.

A decade of austerity has squeezed local government funding to near breaking point, but the question must be asked: why was none of this done sooner?

It may be too little too late.