Being nostalgic for the past is something we're all prone to.

Lots of people like to 'remember the good old days' and look back to a supposedly idyllic past, full of carefree days and risk-free adventures.

However, sometimes nostalgia can impact people's present day beliefs. How many people believe that the UK is becoming more and more dangerous, and that there was a golden period where people left their doors unlocked and violent crimes were unheard of?

Well, according to crime statistics, they'd be wrong.

According to the ONS, which conducts an annual Crime Survey, the UK crime rate in 2019 was almost a third of what it was in 1995.

That said - there are pockets of the country where the inverse is perhaps true, and that has a lot to do with police officer numbers. Speak to anyone in the agricultural industries and they'll tell you the number of thefts from farms has been on the up for a while now.

Since 2010, the UK Government has implemented a programme of austerity. As part of that programme, England and Wales lost 20,000 frontline officers.

The first stations to close were the rural locations, which is why it's heartening to see new police officers being sent to rural communities to live and work.

Let's hope more isolated communities get their own 'bobby'.