As reported in today's The Mail, transport bosses are looking at a big shake-up of the A590 as they seek to improve its abysmal safety record.

This follows years of accidents that have seen people killed or injured, and drivers caught in traffic delays that at times lead to total gridlock.

Between the start of 2014 and the end of 2019 there have been 367 crashes on the A590 that have resulted in injury, which is one of the main reasons highways mandarins are looking at making big changes.

As we reveal on page two, the two key proposals being considered by highways bosses include removing the dual carriageway at Haverthwaite and reducing it to one lane.

They are also considering building a roundabout at the Cartmel and Grizedale crossroads.

One death is one too many, and so these efforts must be applauded.

However, removing a dual carriageway and installing a roundabout could cause misery for commuters.

Anyone who has driven in Cumbria will know the pain of being stuck behind an endless stream of HGVs and tractors, and very few people would describe a roundabout as a safe option, given some motorists' blatant disregard for the Highway Code.

The plans will need a good deal of consultation before they go ahead.