From our childhoods, we are taught to own up to our mistakes.

Whether we've hurt another person's feelings, or broken a moral code, or even broke the law: we are brought up to believe that honesty is always best.

This applies, of course, in our adulthood, and particularly so in the world of motoring.

How many of us have dinged a car in a supermarket car park, or scratched a wing mirror?

Most of us, we'd like to think, leave a note if the owner of the car can't immediately be found, complete with contact details, and an offer to square them up for any damage.

There are, of course, those who think they can get away with ruining someone's day.

As reported in today's The Mail on page two, a young woman from Askam has been left infuriated after a hit and run driver left her injured, and her car with significant damage.

It's bad enough that 27-year-old Star Roberts has to contend with her injuries, but now, because of the callousness of the hit and run driver, she could be hurt financially.

Rather than do the honourable thing and stop, make sure Ms Roberts was okay and then offer to compensate her for the damage, the mystery driver has left her in pain and out of pocket.

So, to whoever it was: do the right thing, and own up to your mistake.