Coronavirus has been dominating headlines recently, and rightfully so: the virus has a considerable death toll so far - around 2700 - and the spread of the respiratory disease it causes appears to be outpacing governments across the globe.

But there does need to be some context given to those figures.

Worldwide, there has been just over 80,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. That gives a survival rate of more than 96%.

Furthermore, every year in the UK tens of thousands die due to influenza. In England alone, there were more than 26,000 deaths associated with flu in 2017/18.

That isn't to say don't be cautious about coronavirus though.

It's possible, as in the case of Italy most recently, that the virus will take root in western European countries like the UK.

But the Government and NHS are well prepared, as evidenced by the isolation pods already installed at Furness General Hospital and Westmorland General Hospital.

Simple steps can also make a huge difference. It may seems obvious, but a proper hygiene regime, such as washing hands well with soap and hot water, and self-isolating if you become ill, can make a huge difference.

It might even be enough to prevent further infection in your community.