The recent bouts of bad weather have caused traffic and travel chaos across the whole region.

First it was the rain - storms Ciara and Dennis caused flash flooding on many routes though south Cumbria, with cars stranded in flood water and some roads closed completely.

Then it was the snow - parts of Cumbria were impassable yesterday after a night of snow showers blocked high roads, reduced the M6 down to one lane and closed the A590 completely at one point.

Now we're dealing with ice - the Met Office has issued a yellow ice warning for Cumbria, meaning the region's roads could be very dangerous this morning.

Despite this, how many commuters have recently witnessed a threat even greater than the inclement weather: idiot drivers.

All through this bad weather they've been out in force - driving through flood water (and inevitably getting stranded), driving way too fast in minimal visibility, and sitting on the rear bumper of cars in front in icy conditions.

Our emergency services are stretched enough as it is, they don't need to be picking up the pieces of someone's poor decision making, especially when it is so easily avoidable.

So please, as the weather takes another turn for the worst, drive to the conditions.