On Wednesday, I met with Caitlin Moat from Dalton. Caitlin had made the journey to Westminster to support the Vaccine Alliance, which argues that the worlds’ most vulnerable children should have access to vaccines to save lives, reduce poverty and reduce the threat of pandemics.

I was very happy to sign up to these pledges.

As the Corona Virus continues to dominate the news, it’s a reminder that no only do we have a moral responsibility to protect those who can’t protect themselves but that, in doing so, we are also making the world a safer place.

Thank you to Caitlin for reminding me of that.

That same day I ‘showed the love’ on behalf of Cumbria - signing a pledge to put climate change at the heart of British politics.

As Storms Ciara and Dennis show us, the repercussions of not acting are already apparent - we have it in our grasp to avert a catastrophe.

For that reason, and for our children, we have to act.