Change in cultures is gradual. Glacial, even.

Things that were once normal in the 60s and 70s, such as racism or homophobia, are now completely taboo, and things that would have made your grandparents blush are now plastered on billboards and advertisements.

However, there are always those who cling to the old ways. Some traditions and cultural standards from the past can be a good thing - how nice is it when someone holds open a door for you, or removes their hat as a mark of respect?

On the other hand, some cultural norms that have persisted need to be confined to the dustbin of history.

Drink-driving, or so-called 'five and drive' culture, that still persists in some parts of our communities, is one such notion that needs to be cast aside.

The maximum blood-alcohol limit first came into force in 1967, but it has taken an age for some sections of our society to wrap their heads around it.

At best, when you are caught (and most people are) you will lose your driving licence, and perhaps even your job.

At worst, you could kill innocent bystanders, other road users and yourself. No one is a capable and competent driver under the influence of alcohol, and those that say they are full of childish bravado.

Grow up, order a soft drink next time.