THE dreaded 'C' word strikes fear in all of us.

But none more so when it affects a loved one close to you.

For the Clarke family they are in constant hell, living with the worst possible news that mum Amanda's breast cancer has spread to her bones, lungs, throat, stomach and neck.

At the tender age of 45, the full-time mum-of-three still had hopes of a long life ahead of her.

But after being diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and receiving the all-clear she was horrified to discover the cancer is back and is now untreatable.

We cannot imagine how the family are coping, never mind being able to smile in the face of adversity.

The family are incredibly strong and an inspiration to many struggling to cope with day-to-day issues.

In a bid to provide her children and her husband with memories they can cherish, the former Park View student is seeking donations so she can leave her children gifts in a bid to help make the grieving process easier.

No mother should ever have to prepare to say goodbye to her children at such a young age.

This cruel hand dealt to Mrs Clarke must act as a warning to other woman to make sure they seek medical help if they notice any lumps, bumps or abnormalities.

The alternative is too difficult to bear.