Arguments have been raging this week, not about Brexit but brains.

Scientists at a New York university have claimed their studies into neonatal brains proves male and female brains are innately different in the womb. But a renowned professor of cognitive neuroimaging begs to differ: brains start out the same but are socialised, conditioned and altered by the environment in which they exist.

As the transgender debate rages, these are tricky times to get involved in arguments about male/female brains, but while I have no idea which of the scientists are right, one thing is surely for certain, big differences do exist - and we don’t have to look far for evidence.

Two stories this week spring to mind: first, the three drunken sailors (all male) who sparked a massive Air Sea Rescue after they decided to set out in a dinghy from their container ship moored off Somerset - to go for a few pints in Barry, Wales. As you would, if you’re of the male disposition and as you wouldn’t if you’re a female. The blokes managed to drift for hours, get hopelessly disorientated and wet, miss last orders, fail to tie up the dinghy properly when they finally reached dry land, set off again at 2am and end up on a deserted island. Three women in charge of a container ship would have made sure at least one of the containers was carrying Prosecco - thus saving much time and trouble for all concerned, not least themselves.

Then we have the brilliant story of the British Airways flight to Düsseldorf which on Monday mistakenly went to Edinburgh instead.

Apparently none of the passengers noticed that the flight to Germany had taken place entirely over dry land, only realising something was amiss when they looked out of the widows to see mountains, and heard the male pilot welcoming them to Edinburgh.

When the equally bemused cabin crew told the pilot his passengers were expecting to be in the land of bratwurst and bier, not battered Mars Bars and Irn Bru, it was only after he had taken a show of hands to see which of his passengers thought they should be in Germany, that he realised the fault was at his end.

Not that I’m saying the male pilot was the numpty. No, in fact the 500-mile trip was all the fault of the German operator. Which brings us back to Brexit. Forget the differences between male and female brains - it all comes down to Germany v Britain.