I recently been quite horrified and saddened by the evidence that anti-Semitism still exists.

I thought we had left that kind of racism behind a long time ago.

Indeed in my own personal experience, both in business and in politics, I have never witnessed or experienced any form of anti-Semitism.

However sadly, members of the Jewish faith are providing examples of anti-Semitism.

Perhaps the most extreme example occurred recently in France where Jewish gravestones were daubed with swastika signs.

A friend of mine recently recounted going to a synagogue for a Jewish ceremony in England.

He was astonished to find that the synagogue had to have high level of security protection.

This kind of bigotry and racism has no place in British society.

We have a record of religious tolerance and indeed are very proud locally of the reception given to the Holocaust survivors.

In particular Cumbrians can be rightly proud of the welcome given to 300 children who were holocaust survivors and who arrived in Windermere in 1945 to rebuild their lives.

The reception they received and the generosity of the locals ( for example pooling rations so they could enjoy tomato soup for the first time) is testimony to this spirit of welcome.

Although I disagree with several of its policies, I have great respect for the Labour Party.

I think we can all recognise its very positive past influence on British society and institutions.

I have known many Labour politicians and there has never been a hint of bigotry of the type now being being ascribed to a small group that seemed to have infiltrated that party.

This small minority in no way represents Labour values.

We must be unequivocal in expressing our distaste for anti-Semitism and for that reason, I will be proposing a motion condemning the practice at our next council meeting.

I am delighted that the motion will be seconded by a prominent member of the Labour group on the council.

I am hoping that the motion will be passed unanimously and that together your local politicians will be united in condemning anti-Semitism.