I am beginning to get seriously worried. Not about Brexit, although that is a concern, but about climate change.

A little reported study has just revealed that Greenland is melting at a much faster rate than thought. This comes on top of reported accelerated melting of Antarctica and associated glaciers. If this trend continues, the sea level will rise dramatically - enough to flood several towns and cities.

In addition to worrying about sea levels, climate scientists are also concerned about fresh water supply for millions, the survival of many species, our food supply, the spread of disease and the death of the coral reef. And let’s not forget the more dramatic weather systems and wetter winters that have caused so much damage in Cumbria over the last 10 years.

But that is not all. In another hardly reported study, recently released, a causal link has been found between climate change, migration and conflict. In other words, as the climate changes, it causes migration which results in conflict. In Davos this week, the Red Cross illustrated this with examples of tension in Mali and Niger, that have been caused by changes in the climate.

I may be worried but I am not yet panicking. We have some influential advocates. Some of you may have seen David Attenborough’s interview with Prince William (also at Davos). He very clearly outlined the dangers we face and the need to take action now. If you heard him, you may be wondering how you can help.

A Google search ‘things I can do about climate change’ will access many great ideas. I won’t repeat them here. But I will add a few simple ideas of my own.

Add ‘climate change’ to your news app, so you remain informed.

Download the GIKI app so you can check the environmental impact of what you buy.

Read ‘How Bad are Bananas’ by local author Mike Berners-Lee. It tells you the carbon footprint of just about everything.

If your house if fuel inefficient, seek help (the council has a great scheme for those that may not be able to able to afford improvements. Check out www.applyforleap.org.uk)

Join a climate change group. I just joined South Lakeland Action for Climate Change.

Write to your MP and local representatives, urging them to address this problem.

We are all in this together. By many small actions, large change is possible.