THIS week Animal Welfare has taken several litters of kittens into its care and they are proving to be quite a hand full.

These lovely little cuties are full of energy and never stop getting into mischief, but are full of fun and in need of loving forever homes.

Before taking on a kitten new owners are advised to take into account the fact that cats can easily live beyond 15 years and animal charities want to place them into homes where they will be wanted throughout their lives.

They need to be fed, have access to water 24 hours a day and live in a safe and warm environment with people who will happily give them the love, time and attention they need to give them a wonderful healthy life.

They will need regular booster shots to help reprevent illness and people always need to keep in mind that visits to the vets will be needed and come at a price.

Just three kittens in Animal Welfare's shelter in Rawlinson Street, Barrow, at the moment are Gypsie, Dandy and Primrose.

Gypie is a sweet little black and white girl who is just nine weeks old and ready to go to her forever home.

She is a very affectionate kitten who loves to have cuddles and is very playful.

Gypsie really would make a wonderful pet for any cat lover.

Dandy is a tabby and white male, also aged nine weeks.

He absolutely loves his food and also enjoys having a good play. Again he is full of energy and deserves to be in a permanent home.

Primrose is another tabby and white, but a pretty little girl - also nine weeks.

She has a habit of jumping on your back and then have a walk around with you so she loves her people and wants to play an active part in her home.

For further details abouts the cats and kittens or to arrange a visit to see the kittens and other cats in the Animal Welfare shelter please call 01229 836 955.