AN intrepid explorer in the making will be able to tackle all kinds of adventures while out and about with his family, thanks to a life-changing donation.

This month’s £1,000 Evening Mail giveaway from the Lake District Farmers Armstrong Family Charitable Trust has been given to four-year-old Daniel Wakefield, in a move that his mum says will give him a “new lease of life”. The money will pay for a state-of-the-art all-terrain wheelchair for the Walney youngster, who has a number of special needs.

Daniel lives with delayed myelination, a condition which restricts the messages the brain is able to send to the body through the nerves controlling his movement and senses. He also has hypermobility, which means that his joints move around too much and cause him pain and tiredness.

Daniel and his family love to go out walking in the woods and off the beaten track but, until now, that caused too much strain for the youngster. But thanks to the donation, Emma and Tina Wakefield, and Daniel’s six-year-old brother Noah, will soon be able to take him out and about with them.

Mrs Wakefield, 33, of Niobe Street, Walney, said: “Our family loves the outdoors. Daniel thrives in this environment, it’s his happiest place, but unfortunately his disability and unstable balance mean he can’t venture off and do the same things his brother can do. This is really upsetting for our family, as we love nothing more than adventures.

“The buggy will give Daniel more options, he’ll have the world at his feet and the chance to overcome the obstacles that he faces on a daily basis.”

The £1,000 cheque will cover the whole cost of Daniel’s new special needs buggy, allowing him the chance to do the things he loves with the ability to rest as and when he needs to. They are now planning trips to the likes of Grizedale Forest and High Dam, where Daniel was previously unable to join them on their days out together.

Of what the donation means to Daniel and his family, Mrs Wakefield added: “I cried when the poor lady from the Evening Mail rang to tell me. I just thought she was ringing to tell us our application had been accepted, but when I realised what she was saying, I just said to her ‘You’ve given Daniel a new lease of life’.

“Now that’s what we’ve got to focus on. Getting out there and having fun.”

The Evening Mail helps the LDF fund give away £1,000 every month to families, community groups and local charities in need of support.

The money was raised at an annual celebrity chef event held in Dalton, hosted and sponsored by Clarence House Country Hotel and Restaurant.

The team loves to help out children and young people in particular, as its founder, Barrow businessman Ray Armstrong, was a devoted family man. Visit to apply for the donation.