ELECTRICITY generated at Barrow's Walney Wind Farm will help to power one of the UK's biggest building materials companies.

Its owner, Dong Energy, has signed a deal with Leeds-based firm Weinerberger to supply it with "clean" electricity.

This will come from the power company's eight offshore windfarms in the UK, which includes Walney.

Dong supplies this power offering "renewable energy guarantees of origins".

Last year the company announced it would supply renewable electricity at no extra cost to customers, meaning they will not suffer financially for trying to achieve environmental goals.

Both businesses have announced that they share a common goal of improving people’s quality of life by making positive contributions to society, such as the use of renewable electricity.

Jeff Whittingham, managing director at Dong Energy Sales UK, said: “Dong Energy is driving the transition to low-carbon energy systems in the UK, and we believe that businesses should have access to renewable electricity supply without incurring additional cost.

"Naturally we are delighted that Wienerberger shares our ambition of creating this greener energy future.

"It’s exciting that one of the UK’s largest building material producers places such a strong emphasis on sustainability."

Wienerberger has said the deal will allow it to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, which will benefit its customers, especially those who are looking for ways to cut their carbon footprints.

Paul Stevenson, finance director at Wienerberger, said: “Our procurement of renewable electricity is just one of many steps we are taking at Wienerberger to reduce our carbon footprint.

"We’re pleased to be working with Dong Energy, a company which shares our values and is passionate about enabling a sustainable future.”

Dong - which is a Danish company, headquartered in Copenhagen - is working on an extension to Walney Wind Farm, which is due to be completed by 2019.

The electricity output of the enlarged windfarm will be 660MW, enough to supply at least 460,000 homes.

Walney will eclipse the 175-turbine London Array as the world’s biggest offshore windfarm when it is completed in 2019.

Last week Dong announced changes to its management in the UK.

These will see Brent Cheshire, who was the company's first employee in this country, stand down as chairman. Matthew Wright, who comes from a position as chief executive of Southern Water, has been appointed to succeed Mr Cheshire.