A PLEA to think of future generations and continue to invest in renewable energy was made at a meeting of Ulverston Town Council.

On Monday councillors were split over a proposal to extend the lifespan of the Kirkby Moor wind turbines.

Permission for the windfarm to operate expires in 2018 which has prompted an application to run them for another 10 years.

Ulverston Town Council, which is an advisory body to South Lakeland District Council, in planning matters had a lengthy and impassioned debate over the extension plan.

Labour councillor Bharath Rajan, said: "I would strongly support this particular application. We as a nation need to be more aware that renewables are our future. Not nuclear, not fossil fuel but renewable energy.

"Every renewable application that comes to us is a test of our commitment to the future. Not just us but our children and grandchildren."

However, fellow labour Councillor Colin Pickthall disagreed with Cllr Rajan, saying: "I see it as industrialising the landscape. Extremely beautiful landscape.

"In my view these have been an ugly mess. If they are going to come down it should be done do."

Cllr Pickthall was joined in his condemnation by Conservative Norman Bishop-Rowe. He said: "It destroys the landscape and they are loud."

The vote to support the application to renew the wind farm narrowly passed, with seven in support to six opposed.