AN uplifting concert organised by a large community organisation recreated the sounds of the sixties in order to raise money for local causes.

The annual Concert at the Coro, organised by the Freemasons of Furness and South Lakeland, took the audience back in time with a selection of performances of classic sixties and and seventies songs by band, Union Gap.

Organiser Richard Wilcock said: “The final sums haven’t been completed yet but the event will have raised a minimum of £2,000 for worthy causes.

"People were generous in supporting the raffle and we are very grateful to all those who supplied the prizes.

"Although organised by Masons the event was open to all and we are pleased that many non-masons came along to enjoy the evening.”

In a change to previous years, the ground floor was given over to circular tables instead of the traditional rows of seats, transforming the left over space into a dance floor for those keen to strut their stuff.

Adding his support was Tony Harrison the head of freemasons in West Lancashire who was accompanied by his wife Maureen.

He said: "It has been a tremendously enjoyable evening and a great way to raise funds for good causes.

"I thank all who helped organise it. Union Gap proving a top class attraction enjoyed by all and I am sure that for days to come people will be singing the songs which the band brought back to memory.”