A WEEK of action will be held from today as groups across the country mark National Mental Health Awareness Week.

This year the topic put under the microscope is stress. What it is, how it affects people, and what can be done to cope with it.

Jane Gordon, CEO of Ulverston MIND, set out what the local charity planned to do to mark the week of action.

She said: "We're looking to open up the conversation. We will be promoting our card campaign, encouraging people in the area to make their mark on mental health."

Ulverston MIND have over the past week been handing out blank post card to the public, asking them to write or draw what mental health means to them.

It is hoped this will create a debate on what mental health is, and how people interpret mental health problems differently.

As part of MHAW a 'Tea and Talk' event will be held on Thursday (17) at the Ulverston Library. The event is open for people to talk about mental health, stress, and what their experiences have been.

This year the two main aims of Ulverston MIND will be to increase its support for young people and families, but also collaborating with the Royal British Legion.

Local branch chair, Norman Bishop Rowe, said: We wanted to link up with Jane and Ulverston MIND to look at how we can connect with other local groups.

"Our job is to help all members of the forces and their families."

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from May 14-20.

For more information visit www.ulverstonmind.org.uk.